From 581 - Tanglewood Mall: 

Travel East on 419/Electric Road towards Lewis Gale Hospital. You will pass the K92 Studios. The speed limit will increase to 45mph. On your right you'll see a shopping area called Promenade Park. Cross intersection of Colonial Avenue. Continue past Ruby Tuesday's and a Gold's Gym.  The next intersection brings you to Brambleton Avenue (route 221). Turn Right and continue past Sonic and  Advanced Auto Parts;   We are located on the right side of the street beside the white AllState sign.  Brambleton Office Condos is a brick building with green awnings.  Turn right into parking lot.  

From Salem - Electric Road, 419:

Coming from Lewis Gale towards Tanglewood Mall you will need to take a left onto Brambleton at the Walgreens intersection.  Once you are on Brambleton Avenue, continue straight for about 1/2 of a mile. On your left you will see an Advanced Auto Parts, across the street on the right there will be an AllState. We are beside the AllState office, in Brambleton Office Condos, a brick building with green awnings.