All programs are SDI approved and DMV certified.

Our Services
Teenage Classroom and behind the wheel training. 

-36 periods of Classroom instruction by Certified 
-7 fifty min periods of Driving and Observation (Downtown,  
  Mountain, Highway, Parallel Parking, etc)
- DMV Exam provided to Behind the Wheel students

Please telephone 774-9223 to reserve a spot
for any of our classes meeting at
3512 Brambleton Avenue

The total cost of Driver's Ed (in class and behind the wheel) is $449, also there is a $50.00 deposit that must be paid no later than 2 weeks prior to the class. The deposit is part of the total, but must be paid in order to reserve placement in the class.

Behind the Wheel training will begin about halfway through the classroom course

All of our Instructors are DMV certified and also teach at local schools.

Driver's Improvement Course
-DIP- Driver's Improvement Class- 5 point reduction

Once completed, our 8 hour course satisfies the requirements of the Virginia DMV to deduct 5 points from your driving record.  The cost of the class, whether assigned by the DMV, ordered by the court system or voluntary, is $75.00. This may be paid the day of the class  or in advance by cash or money order only. We schedule classes on a monthly basis. . Class hours are 8:30am to 5:00pm. 

Call or Text: 774-9223, 3140475 to reserve your seat! 

Drivers Improvement is also offered online! Please visit or call our office and one of our secretary's can  get you started.